£700 Income Tax Cut – a Tax Cut Promised, a Tax Cut Delivered
imageCutting taxes for working people is the Lib Dems number one priority. On 6th April people in Chester will get an income tax cut of up to £220. But the tax cut doesn’t stop there. On the same date in 2014, no one on low or middle incomes will pay any income tax on the first £10,000 they earn. The Coalition’s Budget in March brought forward the planned rise in the tax-free personal allowance by a year, ensuring that residents of Chester will have received a tax cut of up to £700 compared to when Labour left office in 2010. This has cut the Income Tax bill for an average working family by a third and taken 2.7m people out of paying Income Tax altogether. The £10,000 personal allowance was the top manifesto commitment of the Liberal Democrats at the General Election. “This tax cut has happened because Lib Dems campaigned on it in the last general election and have put it into action in Government,” said local campaigner Lizzie Jewkes. “I am delighted we have achieved our top priority a year ahead of the original plan. This is a big help at a time when household budgets are being squeezed. Now that we have achieved our top goal on income tax, we need to look further at how people on low and middle incomes can be given a helping hand to help themselves. I am pleased therefore that the Liberal Democrats are looking seriously at a new target - raising the personal allowance further so that you have to be on more than the National Minimum Wage in full time employment before starting to pay income tax.”

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