A Green Deal
green1 Liberal Democrat in Government have delivered on plans for a Green Deal – to ensure energy saving in every home - and a Green Investment Bank – investing in low carbon projects. These policies would not have been implemented under a Conservative Government. Green Deal, which will radically overhaul the energy efficiency of homes and small businesses, and could support up to 250,000 jobs by 2030. Our homes are responsible for a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions. Under the scheme companies will pay up-front to insulate your home, recovering their spending from the energy savings that will result. Every home will be better off with the Green Deal than without it. The Government will also provide extra help directly for those in hard-to-heat homes and in fuel poverty. Local councils will be able to promote the renewal of whole neighbourhoods, bringing energy savings, purchasing power and local jobs to every community across the country. Locally we have already seen the benefits of this thinking. Residents at the 216 apartments at Glyn Garth, Nant Peris and Plas Dinas high rise flats in Blacon can now look forward to cheaper bills after the installation of new high performance renewable energy rendering carried out on behalf of Chester and District Housing Trust. 180 apartments at St Oswald’s, St George’s and St Anne’s high-rise blocks in Newtown are being consulted on similar plans. The Coalition Government has also announced details of a Green Investment Bank. It will invest £1 billion in the first carbon capture and storage demonstration project and investing more than £800 million in renewable energy. Encouraging green growth and moving to create a truly sustainable low-carbon economy is something the Lib Dems are very proud at achieving.

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