A message from our candidate
Bob Thompson

The General Election date has been set, 12 December 2019, and arguably one of the most significant elections of our time is almost upon us.

I am Bob Thompson and I have been selected to stand for parliament as the Liberal Democrats' Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the City of Chester constituency.

I wanted to write to you to tell you a bit about me and why I am standing as the Liberal Democrats candidate for the City of Chester constituency .

I was born within the city walls; educated at the Firs School in Newton; the King’s School (Chester) and later Nottingham University. I have a degree in Industrial Economics.

On leaving university I joined ICI plc and finished my career in the chemical industry as an HR Director for INEOS (one of the largest chemical companies in the world).

I have served at Parish, City and Borough Council levels in local politics and have also been a school governor; a director of a charity for the homeless and for Chester & District Housing Trust. I was also Chairman of Hoole Community Centre for 10 years.

I think I have the experience of industry; of public service; of campaigning on issues that matter to communities to effectively represent our city. As a Chester lad I understand the issues, challenges and opportunities that face the city and I want to play my part, working with others irrespective of party colour or other interests to make Chester a great place to work rest and play.

Specifically I believe:-

  • BREXIT is bad for our country, for our economy, our security, our environment, for those who follow us and for our ability to influence on the world stage. Why leave our biggest export market on a guess that somehow our businesses will stride the globe winning contracts and creating a new Jerusalem?
  • We must invest in the next generation. There are always going to be challenges to budgets but we must find more money, particularly at primary school level - to give the best educated start in life;
  • The NHS is under pressure. One pence on income tax will alleviate the strain. It’s worth it! A small investment on our part for our families and succeeding generations. It makes sense, if we want the NHS lets rally round otherwise it will continue to face bleak winters and ever lengthening queues at A&E;
  • Our environment is under threat. Greenhouse gas emissions must be eliminated and the Liberal Democrats will deliver that. 80% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030 and elimination by 2040;
  • The governance of our companies needs an overhaul. We cannot have a situation where large bonuses are paid to company directors even when the company is failing as in the case of Thomas Cook and Carillion;
  • The BREXIT debates have shown our parliamentary system cannot cope with the most challenging of issues; it encourages divisions and backs people into corners. It must be overhauled;


  • I have long advocated a tram system for the city. Let’s make Chester accessible; one line to run from the Business Park, through the Lache and the city centre and out to the zoo. The second from the Sealand Road Park & Ride through Blacon and the city centre and out to the Park & Ride at Vicars Cross
  • Chester should be an exciting place to visit, for families to look forward to. We have the Zoo  and the architecture we have the walls and the Groves but we need some mortar to bring these pieces together. Retail alone cannot do this in today's environment. Chester should be distinctly different. I am proposing a digital experience for the 21st century, imagine if we could march with the Roman 20th legion and experience virtually their city and lives. Imagine if we could stand with King Charles 1st as he watched his troops defeat at Rowton Moor. Imagine walking the rows 100 years ago. What a prospect, what a family experience! Let's make Chester the countries number one tourist destination, it will bring footfall to the city and money through the tills. It makes sense.

Thank you for reading this.

Bob Thompson

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