A new Upton Ward–final proposals

A new “Upton ward” is to be created by the Boundary Commission’s final proposals for the electoral boundaries in Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC). This new ward will elect two councillors in the May 2011 local elections. The new ward covers the same area as Upton Parish Council. It will include the Dale Camp, Moston, much of Chester Zoo, Upton Heath, Upton Park, the Countess hospital site and the Bache This is similar to the Boundary Committee’s draft proposals in November 2009. Liberal Democrats and some residents had argued that the ward should be split into two single-councillor wards, making it easier for councillors to represent specific areas, which have different issues. However, the Boundary Commission did not accept this proposal because they believed the suggested boundary between the two halves was not easily identifiable. Elsewhere in the CWAC area, the Boundary Commission have specified mainly single- or two-councillor wards rather than the generally larger, multi-member, wards favoured by the Tories and the CWAC Council. Liberal Democrats believe smaller wards are preferable because they make it easier to a establish a direct link between a small number of councillors and limited geographical areas.

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