Announcing our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate: Bob Thompson
Bob ThompsonPRESS RELEASE CHESTER LIBERAL DEMOCRATS PROSPECTIVE PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE BOB THOMPSON WILL BE THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS PROSPECTIVE PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE (PPC) FOR THE CITY OF CHESTER CONSTITUENCY AT THE 2015 GENERAL ELECTION Bob, who represents Hoole on Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council has represented the communities he has lived in at Parish, City and Borough Council since the early 1990’s. Born within the city walls, educated in the city and living in Hoole Bob is a true Cestrian with a deep understanding of the city; its challenges and its ambitions. Bob said “I am delighted to have been selected by the party and, if given the opportunity, would be proud to represent my city at Westminster. I believe my experience in private industry; in the public sector and my work for hard pressed charities will be invaluable in winning business for the city and in supporting individuals and organisations who want a helping hand or need support to build their future”. Mark Williams (Chairman of the Chester Liberal Democrats Executive) said “Bob is just the man to represent Chester. A wealth of experience; born and bred in Chester and a reputation as a caring, committed and campaigning local councillor. What’s more he is always there for you”. ENDS

One thought on “Announcing our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate: Bob Thompson

  1. Congratulations to Bob Thompson.
    Some food for thought….
    The Lib Dems favour a Mansion Tax, which I treat as an extension of Council Tax. This under the guise of “A fair Society” promoted by Nick Clegg.
    It bears no relation to income/ability to pay, just like Council Tax.
    If the Lib Dems want a fair society, what about also dealing with….
    All the poor people who have to pay Council Tax.
    All the MILLIONS of wage earners who pay NO Council Tax (because they happen to share a home).
    Picking on mansions is easy. Sorting out the dreadful iniquities of Council Tax has been shunned by successive governments.
    Maybe the Lib Dems will broaden their attention beyond mansion owners/residents.
    After all, everybody benefits from Local Authority spending, so why do so few pay Council Tax?

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