Bob on Alexandra Park (Hoole)
Robert Thompson visiting Alexandra Park in Hoole
Robert Thompson visiting Alexandra Park in Hoole
  Earlier this week Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate and local Hoole councillor Robert Thompson took some local Liberal Democrat members to Alexandra Park; which has been the source of recent controversy due to the sale of the Lodge and proposed entrance to a neighbouring free school.   When questioned on this by members Bob said:
The controversy over the sale of the "Lodge" and the proposed entrance to the "Free School" via the park is a resident led campaign. I have seen the resident’s case and it appears to me to be persuasive. I have repeatedly asked the council to answer, in detail, the specific questions residents have asked but to date the council have only offered general rebuttals. We need all the information available so that objective judgements can be made, as long as the council offers only partial engagement then residents will continue to be frustrated and irritation will turn to anger and that is in no-one’s best interest.
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