Bring back Skip Days to Hoole & Newton
Time and time again on the doors step we keep getting asked what happened to the skip days. Hoole and Newton used to have days where the council provided skips free for public use, when Bob Thompson and David Hull were the councillors for Hoole and Newton. The Liberal Democrats are making a committment that if our candidates are elected next year as councillors for Hoole & Newton ward they will bring these skip days back, funded by the discessionary funds allocated to councillors to spend in their wards for the good of the community. Hoole & Newton candidate Mark Williams said
“The Groves in Hoole and Kingsway in Newton share a common problem with fly-tipping and skip days are there to help all of you dispose of your stuff and helps with those other residents that would just dump it instead. We are keen to help with fly-tipping and we miss the Skip Days too! They were always really popular, so we would bring them back.”
We will also work with local charities and recycling organisations to ensure that any unwanted but perfectly usable household items are recycled,re-used or resold for a good cause as part of our on-going committment to reduce waste going to land-fill. You can read more about Liberal Democract enviroment policy nationally and locally at:

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