Chester Liberal Democrats 100 Club
The 100 Club is a fund raising scheme for the Chester Liberal Democrats. Most of the membership fees from Chester Liberal Democrats go directly to the central party, and therefore we must rely in large part in schemes such as this, direct donations (either one off or regular) to fund our activities. Our principle costs are in printing leaflets, which we are able to deliver free of charge using our volunteer network. Members of the 100 Club "buy" numbers (in the range 1 to 100) for £1 per month per number. These numbers are put into a draw every month for a cash prize, money not distributed in prizes goes to the Chester Liberal Democrats election fund. You can see a full copy of the rules here: Chester Liberal Democrats 100 Club Rules If you would like to become a member of the 100 club them please contact Phil Taylor ([email protected]), who manages the scheme, and complete this application form: Chester Liberal Democrats 100 Club application form Alternatively, if you would like to make a regular or one-off donation to the Chester Liberal Democrats then please contact me ([email protected])

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