Chester One City Plan

Eastgate ClockThe Council has produced a draft “Chester One City Plan” for discussion. Members of the public are invited to make comments on the plan until 8 September. Copies are available from Chester Renaissance at the Council office,    

Tel: 01244 402040   

Email: [email protected]

or on-line at

Your Focus Team noticed some appealing points that previously featured in the plans of the Lib Dem led former City Council, such as encouraging cycling throughout the city, use of ‘green’ corridors, and supporting the Park and Ride provision and the public transport network.

The Urban Land Institute in their March assessment of Chester concluded: “Chester should develop a longer term vision and clear, comprehensive strategy for the success of the city”.  Their findings further highlighted confusion in leadership, governance and responsibilities for delivering and coordinating a major programme of investment. This may be seen as a harsh criticism of five years of Tory control in the City - first in the former City District Council then the CWAC Borough council.  Tories torpedoed  the planned “Northgate development” and replaced it with a hotchpotch of ill thought-out new proposals.

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