Chester residents to benefit from Lib Dem tax cuts
A decision by the Coalition Government to increase the tax free personal allowance in April 2013 to £9,440 will be a big boost to the budgets of thousands of households in Cheshire West and Chester. 12,340 people on low incomes in Cheshire West and Chester will no longer pay income tax. A further 118,200 will have a tax cut of up to £235 a year. Local campaigner Lizzie Jewkes said, "By April next year, Liberal Democrats in Government will have given ordinary working people an income tax cut of up to £600 by raising the amount of income they can earn without having to pay tax on it since we entered the Coalition. Our top priority in the 2010 General Election was to take those on low income out of paying tax and to give a tax cut to everyone on a modest or middle income. That would be achieved by raising the personal tax allowance to £10,000. We are now very close to achieving that" More people in Chester will keep more of the money they earn rather than having it taken from them by the Government. That's a real boost for squeezed household budgets. Help us raise the income tax threshold further by supporting the campaign at

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