From now until the election, the Coalition will remain focused on the biggest task at hand – fixing the economy. Our priorities must be people’s priorities: boosting business, creating jobs, helping with the cost of living. Our parties made a commitment to the people of Britain: we promised to govern responsibly and to stay focused on the issues that matter most. That has not changed. It will not change. And we are more determined than ever that we finish what we started. On the big ticket items the Coalition parties must continue to find a way forward together. Just as we have done on cutting income tax, cutting the deficit by a third, creating more than a million new jobs and helping more than a million new apprentices. This Coalition has been remarkably radical; it still has work to do; and the best way for us to serve and improve Britain is by finishing what we started. Nick Clegg said: “The Liberal Democrats look forward to fighting the next election as a party of government, on our record in government, and with a distinct vision of our own for the next government – having seen this one through until the end.” Chester Liberal Democrats Chairperson, Mark A Williams, said, “The Liberal Democrats are proving that we are a party of government and that we can make the responsible decisions to build a stronger economy.”

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