Consultation on revised Funded Decommissioning Programme Guidance
The Government today published proposals on how operators of new nuclear power stations will have to make secure financial provision for decommissioning without recourse to the taxpayer, in line with the Government’s policy that there should be no subsidy for new nuclear. Consultation on revised Funded Decommissioning Programme Guidance The consultation on revised Funded Decommissioning Programme Guidance sets out how operators will be required to meet their obligation to have robust decommissioning plans and secure funds in place before constructing a new power station. A copy of the consultation document can be accessed at: Consultation on a Waste Transfer Pricing Methodology Also published today is the consultation on a Waste Transfer Pricing Methodology.  The Government intends to ensure the safe disposal of radioactive waste from new nuclear power stations without cost to the taxpayer, while facilitating investment through providing operators with the cost certainty they need to be able to invest. The consultation sets out how a price will be determined for the disposal of new build higher activity waste in the planned Geological Disposal Facility, the Government’s preferred solution for dealing with legacy waste regardless of any new nuclear build. A copy of the consultation document is available at: How to respond to the consultations The two consultations will run until 8 March 2011.  Details of how to respond are set out in the consultation documents.  Please use the response forms provided on each web page to structure your response to the questions. Regulatory Justification On 18 October the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, published his decisions as Justifying Authority that two reactor designs, Westinghouse’s AP1000 and Areva’s EPR, should be Justified, that is, that their benefits outweigh any radiological health detriment they may cause. This decision was ratified by the House of Lords on 17 November and by the House of Commons on 24 November, and came into effect on 30 November. More information can be found at Consultation on the revised draft National Policy Statements (NPSs) for energy infrastructure We are continuing to consult on the six revised draft NPSs for Energy, including a revised draft NPS for Nuclear which will close on Monday 24 January 2011. To find out more information about the consultation and how to respond please go to the NPS website Kind Regards, Hergen Haye Director, New Nuclear Office for Nuclear Development

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