David Hull: an obituary
David Hull, former Liberal Democrat City Councillor and Sherriff of Chester died on 3 July 2017. Bob Thompson a fellow Liberal Democrat and former city and borough councillor commented:-
“David was first and foremost a family man. A proud husband of Jackie, a father and a grandfather who celebrated their triumphs and provided caring support when needed. He was an excellent councillor and represented the then Hoole Groves Ward on the old city council from 1999 until it was superseded by Cheshire West & Chester. He loved representing people. He loved helping individuals and families with issues small and great. He and the family dog, Henry, were a familiar sight on the streets of Hoole. Stopping for a chat; checking on progress of issues previously raised; delivering leaflets or taking direct action to support the community such as the locally famous Hoole Skip Days. In addition to his council duties he was a governor (and later chair of the board of governors) of Hoole Church of England Primary school and served on the management committee of Hoole Community Centre. He was the epitome of a community politician He was also a passionate supporter of a number of charities most notably Macmillan Nurses and the Woodlands Trust. A committed Christian he was kind, caring and selfless. Now is the time to say farewell and grieve the loss. But I know I will look back in happier days with a smile and remember a good and caring man who touched the lives of many.”

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  1. The funeral of David Hull, will take place on Thursday 03 August 2017, 9.45am at Hoole All Saints Church, 2 Vicarage Road, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3HZ.

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