Elizabeth Jewkes calls for lower taxes for the low paid
Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate, Elizabeth Jewkes is calling for the government to stop taking income tax from the lowest paid. ‘No one who only earns the Minimum Wage should be paying income tax’ she says. ‘The government recognises that people cannot live on the Minimum Wage. So we have the nonsense of the government taking taxes from people, only to give some of it back in the form of Working Tax Credits. Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow people to keep more of their hard earned wages? At the moment, the government takes income tax from everyone who earns over £116. a week. ‘If the Income Tax threshold was raised to £11,174 then every adult who works fulltime would be £20 a week better off. Putting £1,000 a year back into the pockets of working people and helping to improve their quality of life. The government should be supporting working people more’ claims Elizabeth. ‘And reducing the amount of tax the lowest paid have to pay is one way of doing that.’ Elizabeth discussed this with Vince Cable when he visited Manchester last October and he agreed it was excellent idea. With the support of Vince Cable M.P. and Jo Swinson M.P. Elizabeth presented her policy suggestion the Liberal Democrats policy conference at the London School of Economics on 17 January where it received an enthusiastic reception. Nick Clegg told Elizabeth that he is supporting her proposal and in his speech Vince Cable singled out Elizabeth’s proposal as one which has his support too. Elizabeth Jewkes Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate

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