General Election result
Lizzie JewkesLizzie Jewkes says thank you to all who voted for the Lib Dems! Despite the intense competition between Labour and Conservative, we maintained a good share of the vote. With the creation of the coalition government, we have entered exciting new territory. It gives the Lib Dems the chance of participating in government for 70 years. Many of the issues we care about are in included in the legislative programme - raising the income tax threshold to £10,000, the pupil premium, investment in green jobs, separating the banks, scrapping ID cards, cleaning up politics, fairer votes, fixed term parliaments. The list goes on. There are get-out clauses so our MPs are not expected to vote in favour of Conservative-only policies such as the tax break for married couples. Finally, the emphasis has been put on what unites us rather than what divides us. This is truly a landmark in British politics. More importantly, it will do what we always wanted - it will change Britain for good. See also:

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