Gordon Smith: an obituary
Born in Lancashire (a devoted supporter of Bury Football Club all his life) Gordon played a pivotal role in the growth of Liberalism and Liberal Democracy in his adopted city of Chester. He represented Hoole on the city council for over two decades and represented the city as Sherriff and later Lord Mayor. He was a hard working local councillor and many residents of Hoole have stopped me to express their sadness at this time and to share memories of the many causes and personal support he gave to individuals and the community of Hoole. He will be sadly missed. It is right at this time to grieve his passing but I think too we should celebrate the man. There is a photograph of Gordon in the Town Hall, taken in his prime dressed in the Lord Mayors regalia. It is a good photograph and captures Gordon well: Proud to be Lord Mayor, a handsome face smiles down, a  welcoming face, someone you would enjoy talking to, someone who is genuinely interested in you and your concerns, a kind face. That was the Gordon I knew, a proud husband and father, a doughty fighter for those who had not been dealt the best of life’s cards, someone who stood up for his community. But also he enjoyed life, he  laughed readily and infectiously, had bags of common sense and had a wealth of tales of past campaigns and doorstep conversations whilst electioneering. I mourn his passing but celebrate his life and achievements. BOB THOMPSON Former Liberal Democrat Hoole Councillor

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