Green Deal With It
imageGet a warmer home and save money thanks to the Lib Dems The flagship Green Deal Scheme to help people insulate their homes has started. Many residents can get their homes insulated or get a new boiler or windows fitted without paying for the work up front. The savings on their energy bill are used to pay for the cost of the works. For more information call 0300 123 1234 or visit or contact your Council. And those who take up the scheme early on can get hundreds of pounds cash back - paid by the government. This is a great Liberal Democrat scheme which has come into being through the Lib Dems being in coalition government. It will help the environment, help people make their homes warmer and save money and support 60,000 jobs. I will be signing up for a Green Deal assessment to see how I can benefit and I would encourage local residents to do the same. I will also be campaigning for my council to promote the Green Deal, that the planning department prepares planning advice for external wall insulation. I will also be campaigning for the council to use the Green Deal to improve energy efficiency of LA housing and set up free thermal imaging surveys so people can see how much heat their house is losing. The Green Deal helps people pay for improvements like insulation or a more efficient heating system through savings on their energy bills. This Lib Dem scheme covers 45 different improvements and both residential and non-residential properties are eligible. Savings on energy bills are used to pay off the cost of the works. The scheme will support up to 60,000 jobs by 2015.

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