Hoole says no supermarket at the Elms surgery
Team HooleThe application for 'change of use' at the Elms surgery so that a supermarket can move into it will be heard by the Planning Committee on Tuesday 4 November at CWAC HQ at 4.30pm. We really need as many people to attend to get the message across to the Planning Committe that Hoole does not want a supermarket at the Elms - over 2,000 people signed the petition that we ran against this. It is inappropriate to change the use of the Elms as it would not be in keeping with the character of the surrounding area and it is not an appropriate use of the building that has been funded by public monies. We are concerned about the impact it would have on our local independent shops that need our suppport. We hope to see you there. Mark Williams, Cllr. Bob Thompson & Alan Rollo

One thought on “Hoole says no supermarket at the Elms surgery

  1. I hope Tesco’s recent decision to close many of its stores will make it less likely that they will want to open a new one! Also there is no justification for opening new stores while closing current ones.

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