In Government–investing for the future

imageLiberal Democrats in Government have successfully argued for measures in the Autumn Treasury Statement to help the economy and stimulate business so that investment is encouraged, jobs retained and new jobs created. These include:

  • £40bn “credit easing” scheme to underwrite bank loans to small firms.
  • Working age benefits will be uprated by 5.2% in line with September’s inflation rate.
  • Basic state pension will rise in line with inflation by £5.30.
  • £5bn invested to improve national infrastructure over three years.
  • £1bn invested to subsidise work placements for the young unemployed.
  • £500m house-building plan in England.
  • January will see the rise in regulated rail fares to be capped at 6.2%, not 8.2% as planned.
  • Doubling the free childcare places in England for two-year-olds to 260,000, this scheme now reaches 40% of children.
  • 3p fuel duty rise due in January to be frozen.
  • Bank levy to be increased.
  • £1 billion more for the Regional Development Fund

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