Leaving EU would leave Britain to pass 300 laws without debate
As MPs prepare to debate an in/out referendum on EU membership, the North West’s Lib Dem MEP is warning that Britain could be forced to adopt 300 new laws every year with no say from MPs. The European Commission has confirmed that Norway, which has twice voted not to join the EU, last year adopted 300 laws as the price of staying in the European Economic Area (EEA).  While British Ministers, MEPs and civil servants helped to shape these laws, Norwegians had no say whatsoever and passed them into Norwegian law without question. There are 27 countries, including the UK, within the EU.  Another three countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are members of the EEA.  Together the thirty countries make up the Single Market that is supported by all three major UK political parties. Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies said, “No serious politician wants the UK to leave the Single Market with the economic disaster that would cause. “The truth is that pulling out of the EU would leave Britain with no say in the making of laws that we would have to obey.” Iceland recently applied for full EU membership and Croatia is set to join next year so the MEP claims that the EU is still seen by many countries as the best trade bloc to be a member of. “Far from making us stronger and independent, leaving the EU would leave the UK weak and at the mercy of 28 countries who would no longer have to take notice of our opinions.” While Davies agrees with the principle of an EU referendum at the appropriate time, he says that dealing with Britain’s economic woes must be the priority for the Government right now.

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