Lib Dem tackle the high cost of child care:
imageYoung families in Cheshire West will soon get help with the cost of childcare, thanks to an announcement by Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. As part of our manifesto commitments made at the last General Election, Lib Dems pledged to tackle the high costs of childcare to help parents get back to work. From 2015, the Government will pay 20% of up to £6,000 childcare costs per child per year, i.e. £1200. “Many parents of young children, especially young mums, find they are worse off if they go back to work or take on additional hours,” said Local Campaigner Mark Williams, “This often traps them into years on benefits or puts an end to hopes of moving from part time to full time work. At the last General Election, Liberal Democrats committed themselves to addressing this problem. I am therefore delighted that Deputy Prime Minister has announced that all parents needing help with childcare costs will have a fifth of the cost paid for them by the Government. And families in receipt of the universal credit will have 85% of the cost of their childcare paid for them. The aim is to make work pay. Young mums and dads who want to work should not be penalised by the high cost of childcare. Our reforms should make it easier for them to go back to work or increase their hours. When you consider this alongside our policy of ensuring no one pays tax on the first £10,000 they earn, Liberal Democrats are ensuring work pays and the benefits trap, in which people are better off on welfare, is being closed down.”

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