Lib Dems call to support City Fans United
Liberal Democrats in Chester are calling people to support City Fans United in their bid to raise a phoenix club from the remains of Chester FC. “We need to show how important it is to us that Chester has a football team” says Elizabeth Jewkes. “Owners come and go and players move on but the fans remain fans. The fans ARE the club. I am urging everyone to join up and become a supporter of City Fans United”. Elizabeth was invited to address last Thursday’s meeting of supporters at the Guildhall and used the opportunity to pledge her support for the creation of a shared ownership scheme for the club. As a businesswoman who has already created a shared ownership business Elizabeth has offered practical help in setting up the scheme. She also criticised the leader of CWAC for turning down a request for £125,000 for the club. “He claimed it ‘wasn’t a good use of council tax payer’s money’ ’’ she fumes. “Less than 40p a person for those living in the council area – doesn’t seem an unreasonable amount of money to help keep our football club”. 24 February 2010 Elizabeth Jewkes Parliamentary candidate for Chester

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