Lib Dems clean up in Hoole

Walker St alley cleaning compHoole Liberal Democrats have been appalled by the Council's lack of action over many months to clear debris from Walker Street alley, by the children's play area. Cllr. Bob Thompson has asked many times for action, but to no avail. He points out that much of the debris is rotting leaves from last Autumn.

Finally a group of local Lib Dems, led by Mark Williams, set to work on Sunday morning to clear up the mess. Pictured above, left to right, are David Mead,Mark Williams, Cllr. Bob Thompson, and Anna Clark. David Mead says: “What makes me so annoyed is that the Council can find the resources to spruce up Hoole Alexandra Park for visiting WI bowls teams from outside the area, but cannot provide a decent level of service to local residents to clean up our alleyways. The adjacent children's play area is also in a disgraceful state: strewn with litter, grass uncut and shrubs grossly overgrown with weed Let's have a bit more concern for local people”.

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