Lib Dems in Government are protecting jobs and workers
imageLast week saw the announcement that GM were investing in their Ellesmereport plant safeguarding 2,100 jobs and creating 700 new jobs near Chester. This achievement was largely thanks to the lobbying and efforts made by Lib Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable MP. This week Vince Cable has made it clear that he will oppose any attempts by the Tories to implement the proposals in the Beecroft Report to introduce “no fault dismissal” and water-down workers rights. Local Lib Dems fully support Mr Cable’s excellent work.

One thought on “Lib Dems in Government are protecting jobs and workers

  1. In the absence of a mature opposition in the Labour Party at present, I feel that it’s only fit and proper that Vince Cable voices a mature opposition from within the government ranks … in fact I think it’s a very positive and refreshing change to the politics of old.

    I personally agree with a grand shake of employment regulation, but that doesn’t mean that the new legislation shouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. Have we got so used to the old Labour large majority way of knocking out legislation on the back of a cigarette packet ? IMHO this little outburst from Dr Cable is exactly what this government needs to keep it on the straight and narrow. They have hard choices to make, but they also need a conscience.

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