Lib Dems welcome Government support for Post Offices
imageLiberal Democrats in Chester have welcomed the decision by the Coalition to end the Post Office closure programme of the previous Labour Government. And they have given a thumbs-up to a decision by Liberal Democrat ministers to invest £1.3 billion in the Post Office network. Changes introduced by Liberal Democrat ministers at the Department for Business make it easier to set up new branches. Many will be able to open for longer and offer a fuller range of services. “For two decades before the Coalition came into office, Post Offices were stripped of business by Conservative and Labour Governments,” said Neil Christian “The Conservatives in the 1990s left the network to wither on the vine. The last Labour government took an axe to the network and closed 7,000 branches. “I am pleased therefore that Liberal Democrat ministers have put an end to branch closures. At a time when money is very tight, they have secured £1.3 billion from the Treasury to improve branches. We have also made it easier to set up new Post Offices. “Ministers have also secured future Royal Mail business for the branch network, ensuring a strong future for them. “Thousands of people use Post Offices in Chester each week. They now know that their valued services will continue into the future thanks to Liberal Democrat ministers.”

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