Liberal Democrats oppose Closure of local surgeries
Hoole Focus Team: left to right: Anna Clark, Jean Evans, Mark Williams, David Mead, Annie Mead and Cllr Bob Thompson.
One of the campaigns we have fought this year has been to stop two doctors surgeries moving out of Hoole and relocating to a rather difficult site off George Street in Chester. The Hoole Focus team has collected signatures from 600 residents supporting our petition opposing the move of two doctors' surgeries out of Hoole.  The decision will be made by the doctors’ surgeries.  We have therefore presented our petition to the Elms Medical Centre, to make them aware of the strength of opposition to their plans.  At the time of writing, we await the final outcome. If the move were to go ahead, it would be bad news for Hoole by any standard.  A reduction in services would be bad enough.  The resultant loss of business to Hoole shops would be a further blow but the final insult is that the poorly, and those with mobility issues, would have to make their way to the new centre and incur the additional transport cost involved.  So we would lose local services and are expected to pay through the nose for it!

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