Liberal Democrats’ Policy Successes – Delivering for Britain
image 1. Raising the income tax threshold: 2 million people on low pay now taken out of income tax altogether and a tax cut of £600 for 22 million other basic rate taxpayers. By 2015, no one will pay tax on the first £10,000 they earn. 2. Bank Levy: an annual levy on financial institutions so that they pay towards clearing up the financial mess they helped create. 3. Child detention: no children in immigration cases are locked up any more in prison-like conditions. 4. The £1bn Youth Contract: every 18-24 year old is now being given the opportunity to earn or learn. The Youth Contract will provide at least 410,000 new work places for 18 to 24 year olds who are struggling to find jobs. 5. Regional Growth Fund: £3.4bn will be invested in businesses across the country, to create or safeguard hundreds of thousands of jobs, largely in manufacturing in areas that have been heavily dependent on public sector jobs. 6. Apprenticeships: Almost 1 million started since 2010. 7. Pupil Premium: gives schools extra money for disadvantaged children. It will be worth £900 per child next year and will rise every year until by 2015 when the Government will be spending £2.5bn on the Pupil Premium. 8. Early years: free early years education for all three and four year olds, and extending it to the most disadvantaged two year olds from 2013. 9. Green Deal: the most ambitious home insulation programme the UK has ever seen. The Green Deal is helping people save money on energy bills, reducing carbon emissions and creating thousands of green jobs. 10. Green Investment Bank: The world’s first which will help Britain become the world leader in green technology. It will begin operation in 2013, a year earlier than expected, with £3bn of capital and will attract an additional £18bn of investment in green infrastructure. 11. Greener transport: £150m for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to encourage sustainable small-scale transport projects at a local level to encourage growth and lower carbon. 12. State pension rise: the annual rise is now linked to earnings, inflation or 2.5%, whichever is the largest. 13. State pension reform: a decent single, simple pension for all from 2017 of £144 - ending discrimination against women, carers and the self-employed. 14. National Identity Cards and Database - these ineffective, expensive, bureaucratic and invasive schemes have been scrapped.

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