MP’s Expenses scandal
The Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for the details MPs' expenses to be made publicly available. It is taxpayers' money they are spending. Both Labour and the Conservatives opposed this and wanted MPs exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. Now we know why they didn't want us to know what their MPs were spending our money on. It is vital that the political parties act swiftly to sort out the mess their MPs have created, by deselecting those who broke the rules as well as those who acted against the spirit of the rules. The expenses are meant to be claimed to support the MP in doing their job. Therefore MPs who flipped houses, claimed for already paid off mortgages, claimed for homes they only partly owned, for repairs to tennis courts, cleaning the moat or for horse manure should all be deselected. These MPs claimed to have acted within the rules, but clearly they failed the moral test and are viewed by many as being corrupt. Parliament can not easily deal with the past actions of these MPs, but the political parties can. If the political parties fail to act it will appear to many people that they are condoning these actions. I am angry at the actions of MPs who have been abusing the system and squandering taxpayers' money - our money – and spend in on luxury items; things that the rest of us have to work hard to save up for. We need a general election to give people the opportunity to elect only decent, hardworking and honest people as MPs. This can't be done in a rush. First, we need to ensure that all the bad apples have been deselected. Elizabeth Jewkes, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Chester

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