New directive will help Brits abroad know their rights

Lib Dem European justice and human rights spokeswoman Sarah Ludford has welcomed a new EU Directive guaranteeing all criminal suspects information about their rights and the evidence against them.

The Directive, now endorsed by Parliament, would ensure that all people arrested or detained in an EU country would be given information about their legal rights in an easily understandable form.

London MEP Sarah Ludford commented: “The core of the new measure is that everyone arrested will be handed a ‘letter of rights’ setting out their entitlements such as the right to have a lawyer, have consular authorities informed and get urgent medical care. This already happens in the UK so we will not have problems complying, but it will be of major benefit in raising standards for Brits arrested abroad or extradited under a European Arrest Warrant.”

“Being arrested abroad can be a frightening experience. Nobody should have their right to a fair trial denied.”

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