Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate meets local activists at Lib Dem Coffee Morning
NeilLewisPCCManifestoNeil Lewis, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner met local activists and supporters at a Lib Dem Coffee Morning hosted by Ann & Chris Reeve on Saturday 16 April in Upton. Neil was doing the rounds in Cheshire launching his manifesto for a Safer Cheshire. More information on Neil's campaign can be found at www.neillewis.org During the event Neil and members present were shown some unique Lib Dem artwork, by Ann Reeve, who attended the Lib Dem Spring Conference in York,is our local artist and this is a copy of one of her pictures she drew while sitting in the auditorium listening to the debate.   It is only in the Liberal Democrats where you'll find artwork of our conference, and the Lib Dems are the only party where its policy is made by its members at our conferences. Our next conference is in Brighton 17th - 20th September, more information is available at www.libdems.org.uk/conference LD Conference York 2016 - Ann Reeve's picture

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