Affordable Social Care
Senior woman with her caregiver at home

making Our care system care

Our care system is broken, insufficent staff, inaccessbile locations and times. As a council Cheshire West needs to do more to support our care system which looks after our neighbours who need support to live their lives. 

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

Dealing with unaffordable costs
The evidence is clear, we are facing a Climate emergency of unprecedented scale. We must be clear Climate Change is caused by Humans and is the biggest challenge of our time.
Ensuring timely access to care when you need it
Its too late to think we can turn back the clock. Whilst we may be able to limit climate change we must ensure that all new development is built with potential disruption in mind, whilst retrofiting existing development to cope with the coming changes.
Supporting Carers
Our carers help keep our care system working. From supporting and providing respite to a young person supporting a parent with health issues, to making sure that workers are properly paid.

our plan locally

  • Making sure that young carers are supported, and have access to respite. 
  • Improving access to Health and Social care provision throughout Cheshire West, using technology and innvovation to do more on limited resources.
Having a care system which looks after people well shouldn't be difficult. Our care system is staffed by fanastic people who deeply care about the work that they do. They need to be paid and supported in their work, and importantly need more colleagues working alongside them to deliver a fanastic care system. 
Paul Roberts, Lib Dem council group leader.

OUR nATIONAL Campaigns

The Liberal Democrats are a campaigning party. Only by getting out and talking to local people can we find out about the issues that affect them and when people tell us they want to see a particular change, we work to make that happen.

The other parties think they can just rely on your vote at election time, it's Liberal Democrats who work hard to make a difference all year round.

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