Building sustainable transport

The world is changing - transport needs to as well

We've got the answers to a changing world - we just need to implement them. Investing in public transport offers untold benefits to invididuals, our climate and our society.

Whenever we increase road space we increase traffic. We are not fundamentally solving the problem of congestion ..

Liberal Democrats want to radically invest in public transport. Building new Tram, Bus and Rail services to move us away from a situation where many living outside of our big cities have no choice other than to rely on our cars. 

The evidence is clear, we are facing a Climate emergency of unprecedented scale. We must be clear Climate Change is caused by Humans and is the biggest challenge of our time.
Investing in alternatives
Its too late to think we can turn back the clock. Whilst we may be able to limit climate change we must ensure that all new development is built with potential disruption in mind, whilst retrofiting existing development to cope with the coming changes.
Improving connectivity
We need to stop emitting green house gases before it is too late. This means we need to take radical action to decarbonise our transport, housing and economy with a sense of wartime urgency.

our plan locally

  • Invest in a proper cycle network, with seperated lanes and routes that connect the villages with the town and city centre.
  • Rollout electric charging to all council car-parks and properties, and require them on all new buildings
  • Roll out a Clean-Air zone in our town centres with revenue raised to go to grants to support low income familes in going carbon netural then net zero. 
  • Commission a feasability study into a Light Rail or Tram system
We need to have the ambition to make the radical changes needed to protect our way of life, and ensure that the world we hand to our children and grand-children is one where they can live and thrive. The Labour and Tory council currently lacks the vision and will to take this action. Liberal Democrats would not.
Paul Roberts, Lib Dem council group leader.
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OUR nATIONAL Campaigns

The Liberal Democrats are a campaigning party. Only by getting out and talking to local people can we find out about the issues that affect them and when people tell us they want to see a particular change, we work to make that happen.

The other parties think they can just rely on your vote at election time, it's Liberal Democrats who work hard to make a difference all year round.

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