Pupil Premium
clip_image002 The Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life. Mark A Williams, Chairperson of Chester Liberal Democrats welcomes the news that The Pupil Premium is to be increased. Nick Clegg has announced the biggest ever rise in the Pupil Premium for primary schools to help ensure that more pupils are able to achieve higher standards. The Pupil Premium, a key Liberal Democrat commitment, provides schools with extra money to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This will help whole classes move forward faster together. It will be increased to £1,300 per eligible primary school pupil in 2014/15, up from £900 per child this year. Schools will be able to spend this money in ways that they feel helps their pupils best. Schools use it to hire extra staff, for reading and maths classes for children who need an extra hand or to provide appropriate IT facilities. “This is yet another excellent example of Liberal Democrats in government building a fairer society that will enable every person to get on in life, said Mr Williams. The Pupil Premium really helps those students that need it most and as a school governor I know the good that this valuable extra cash can do” Ranking and Testing Under the current system, children are ranked by levels. We want to give parents more easily understandable information that gives them a real, meaningful indication of how well their child is doing. This information won't be published. It is private data to help parents and teachers - and we are consulting on what information they will find most useful. We are not proposing any new tests today. We are upgrading the current tests that children take at 11, to make sure they properly prepare children for secondary school. We are committed to treating schools fairly. That means recognising where schools have helped children to make incredible progress against the odds. We are consulting on how we should measure progress - and whether it's best to look at the progress a child makes between Year 2 teacher assessments and Year 6 tests, as now or whether we should look at how well they do across all their time in primary school. “I think that any help that the Liberal Democrats in government can give to parents to help them easily understand how their child is doing at school is a good idea, said Mr Williams.”

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