Returning to the Dark Ages

Last week the Business, Energy and Industrial Standards minister announced a consulation on taking another step on returning Britain to the Dark Ages by switching back to using Imperial measurements.

The Governerment wants to return the UK to manufacturing and selling Food and other goods using the Imperial measurements system. Even in the 19th Century most people agree system was agreed to be inferior to Metric. Most scientific and manufacturing requires highly precise measurements which is only possible when using the Metric system.

The Government which is floundering, is trying to distract from a Cost of Living crisis and the on-going Partygate scandle. It is also an attempt to show that leaving the European Union was somehow worthwhile now they can't deliver on the other lies.

Liberal Democrats believe that not only are the proposals to return to the Imperial system stupid. But they are taking valuable civil service time away from dealing with the real problems we have in the country.

We encourrage everyone to email [email protected] that they think this is a stupid idea. Write to your MP demanding that the Civil Service and Government stop wasting time and resources on such stupid idea's.

You can submit feedback to the consultation by emailing [email protected] or via their website

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