Safer Streets with Ainsley Arnold

Councillor Ainsley Arnold. Leader of the Cheshire East Liberal Democrat group.The election for Cheshire’s new Police & Crime Commissioner is on 15th November

Former Vice chairman of Police Authority is Lib Dem’s choice for Police Supremo

One of the leading candidates for Cheshire’s top new Police Commissioner job, Ainsley Arnold, joined Cheshire Police Authority in 2009 and was elected Vice Chairman in 2010. He was also an executive member of Cheshire East’s successful crime reduction partnership.

A record of fighting hard for the best possible police service when money is so tight.

Ainsley was actively involved with all aspects of the transformation of policing and business initiatives whilst at the Police Authority. His experience means he is fully aware of the work already undertaken and the further measures needed to meet the £35 million shortfall in funding.

Ainsley says: “Front-line policing in Cheshire must be maintained and further improved to ensure public confidence. I am committed to ensuring Cheshire Police reduce not only crime but also the public’s fear of crime. Smarter, more efficient ways of managing policing need to be continually explored to ensure Cheshire’s front-line officers can perform their duties effectively.”

Putting Your Safety First


  • Cut bureaucracy to ensure maximum resources go to frontline policing. To enable police  officers to spend more time patrolling our neighbourhoods
  • Make sure our communities have a direct say over how petty offenders are punished. Using ‘Restorative Justice’ and ‘Community Justice Panels’.
  • Work towards stamping out Anti-Social Behaviour by ensuring effective working with all agencies & partners. Councils, Housing Associations, Schools and other partners, effectively working with the police to free our neighbourhoods of this persistent problem.
  • Hold surgeries for residents across all areas of Cheshire to enable residents to meet with him face to face and discuss their policing issues. Ainsley has a proud record of public service he will ensure that all residents are listened to, especially our most vulnerable.


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