Save our Homes
Yesterday Morning, the first Liberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast by Tim Farron was released. It focuses on the crisis that exists around housing and the Liberal Democrats commitment to make this a priority by committing to build 300,000 new homes a year. But also to ensure this issue is no longer kicked into the long grass by the other political parties. In Cheshire West and Chester (CWAC) the latest available statistics (July 2013) showed that there were over 19,000 people on the waiting list for Social Housing. George Osborne and David Cameron's plan to force the sell off of Housing Association houses means that the number of residents throughout Cheshire West and Chester who are stuck waiting for months if not years for an affordable, safe and secure home is only going to increase. Tim Farron leader of the Liberal Democrats speaking on Housing said:
"Access to affordable housing affects us all because it is the entry ticket to society, to security and stability, to work, health and community."
With out access to affordable social housing, those in society who often have the greatest need are forced to live in short term expensive privately rented houses often or poor quality. They are unable to lead their lives confident that the roof which is over their heads will be the same one in 12 months time and often are forced into moving causing Children to be shifted from one school to another, disrupting parents abilities to feed and clothe them because of a lack of job security caused by a lack of confidence about where they will be living. The Liberal Democrats believe that this is wrong. Housing is the corner stone of our society and forcing Housing Associations to sell off desperately needed social houses in Cheshire West and Chester and throughout the Country will only deepen the problem.   [emailpetition id="2"]

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