Shavington Avenue – Tree maintenance

A number of residents have complained to members of the FOCUS team in the last three years about the poor standard of maintenance of the trees in Shavington Avenue. In some cases it is difficult to walk safely along the pavements. Lib Dem Councillor Bob Thompson and the FOCUS team have pressed the council for action but has been told time and time again that there is no money allocated for hedge or tree maintenance! (what no budget? Incredible but true) What a nonsense! At the last Cheshire West & Chester Borough Council meeting Bob again raised the question and as a result he has now been promised a small amount of money to do priority work. The FOCUS team (and this has been an enormous FOCUS team effort) is delighted to report that the trees in the Avenue will be “pollarded”. No firm date for start of work is yet available but it is expected to commence in the next 3 weeks. Here's looking forward to a safer Shavington Avenue where a walk along the pavement is a joy and not an obstacle course!! We are very grateful to our hard working Highways Inspector who has worked beyond the call of duty to help us determine priorities and a schedule of work.


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