The Heywoods and Bailey Bridge Close – Resident Survey Results
On 6 September, the Liberal Democrat Focus team carried out a residents’ survey in this area. Many thanks to all who gave us their comments. Here is report-back on what you said and what we are doing about the issues you raised. Several respondents stated they liked living in this part of Chester. Excellent news! All too often, any feedback concentrates on the negative. For the most part, Chester is a beautiful city and sometimes perhaps we lose sight of that. But there were some issues that concerned you: YOU SAID There have been a number of break-ins to properties and garden sheds. WE’VE DONE We have alerted the local Police. We suggest residents report incidents to the Police. Even if they are not serious enough to warrant immediate Police attendance, they will record the incident to help build up a picture of overall crime levels. The non-emergency number to call is: 0845 458 0000. Ask for an incident number. (1st December 2010: the non-emergency number is now correct, apologies to those who used the previously displayed number) YOU SAID The majority of respondents said that Chester needs a cinema and theatre. WE ARE DOING We would agree. Chester Liberal Democrats are pressing for one new venue that would be home to theatre, cinema and art gallery, together with smaller studio space for other performing arts. If we all have the ambition to make Chester a city we can be very proud of and that visitors will love to attend again and again, the city must offer a wider range of attractions than is currently available. This would help to keep the city socially and economically active into the evening. YOU SAID Road surfaces are bad, particularly Brook Lane. WE’VE DONE Cllr. Bob Thompson arranged to have major potholes in the road in Brook Lane filled in. Bob is now working with Council officers to identify funding to carry out more long-lasting repairs. YOU SAID The children’s play area is very basic WE ARE DOING We agree. We will ask the Council to seek funding to provide a wider range of play equipment. YOU SAID There is inadequate provision for cycling WHAT WE SAY Chester has achieved “Cycle Demonstration Town” status and has received funding from various outside bodies. Most of this money is being spent on improvements to several cycling links - the Millennium Greenway extension to Mickle Trafford - the new Deva Link to the Millennium Greenway - an improved crossing on the railway bridge across the River Dee for cyclists - and a new Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge crossing of the Dee from Boughton to Curzon Park. These are valuable improvements, but Liberal Democrats are pressing for more thinking to go in to finding ways to make “everyday” cycling in and around Chester safer and more enticing. Our roads were designed without too much thought for cyclists. We need to find ways of accommodating cyclists. We would be glad to have your thoughts and suggestions on this. YOU SAID Cycling on pavements is a hazard to pedestrians WHAT WE SAY We do not condone cycling on pavements and believe that the Police should intervene to oppose it. However, we do understand the hazards that cyclists face on our busy roads and think that more should be done to make cycling safer. YOU SAID Street lighting in Waterloo Road is inadequate between houses number 2 and 8. WE’VE DONE Part of the problem is caused by overgrowing trees. There is also a need for an additional light. We have reported the matter to the Council. Residents can report highways faults, including street lights, on the Council’s web site:

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