Three things May must say in Munich
The Liberal Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet to Theresa May to secure a safe future for the UK in the face of Brexit. Recent speeches by senior Tories have lacked substance and delivered little clarity of what the Cabinet's view of a post Brexit Britain will look like. We are calling on Theresa May to include the following commitments in her speech if the Prime Minister truly wants to reassure European allies that the UK remains committed to the security of Europe. The three commitments that the Prime Minister must make are: 1. Confirm the UK’s continued adherence to the Charter for Fundamental Rights. 2. Soften her stance on European Court of Justice jurisdiction to ensure the UK maintains access to vital crime fighting tools. 3. Reaffirm our commitment to international institutions including NATO, the EU and the UN. Ahead of the conference, Liberal Democrat Defence Spokesperson and Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, who will attend the security conference, Menzies Campbell, said: "This government have shown nothing but weakness, disunity and ambivalence in their approach to Brexit. To continue on this path will jeopardise our future security and increase risks to the people of Britain. We have a strong history of working closely with our friends and allies for our common security. It would be foolish to distance ourselves from that legacy." Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, said “To guarantee the security of the British people, Theresa May needs to start making some cast iron commitments. She could return from Munich either as an iron lady or as a tinpot PM. As Home Secretary, Theresa May understood the importance of Europol and tools like the European Arrest Warrant, but now she seems willing to risk Britain’s safety and security just to cling on to power. When she speaks in Munich it must be the security interests of the British people she prioritises and not her own party or premiership.”

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