Two Hoole Surgeries to Close

The Surgery to be closedTwo of Hoole's popular doctors surgeries (71, Hoole Road and The Elms Medical Centre) will move to a new planned NHS centre on George Street in Chester.
Hoole Liberal Democrats have objected because:

  • Both surgeries currently offer essential services to Hoole residents.  Why should residents have to trek into Chester to see their doctor?  Local services are best provided locally.
  • The new centre is not easy to access: situated on a busy main route into the city: there will inevitably be safety issues as people dash across the road to get to the centre.
  • Some users will make their way to the new centre by car.  Do we really need yet more cars on the roads into the city?  Have the roads affected got the necessary capacity?
  • Some will make their way by bus.  Those with young children or those who are perhaps not as mobile as they once were will face an awkward trip into town and what was once a half hour nipping out for an appointment will become a 2 or 3 hour outing.
  • Hoole shops will lose business.  Currently, many who attend the Hoole surgeries will combine their visit with a little shopping in Hoole or will collect their prescription from the Hoole pharmacy.  If the surgeries go, that business will go too, and the famous Faulkner Street shops will be a little weaker as a result.
  • If a new centre is required why not site it at Lightfoot Lodge on Lightfoot Street and give that building a new lease of life providing essential local services at the heart of the Hoole Community?

The Elms Medical Centre to be closedDavid Mead says: “The council says it supports localism, but this proposal would strip local com­munities of essential local services.”

Cllr. Bob Thompson says: “At a consultation event last year, the NHS manager in attendance acknowledged there would be transport issues for pa­tients from Hoole to the proposed centre and that closing two surgeries in Hoole would have a negative impact both on the social and economic health of Hoole.

It's time to challenge the plan. 

Let's keep the surgeries in Hoole. 

Please sign our petition, contact Cllr. Bob Thompson, (Councillor for Hoole):
5 Ashwood Court,  Hoole, CH2 3FD.      Tel: 342920
[email protected]
Twitter @cllrbobthompson

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