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Image result for voter registration ukRegister to vote online by 16th November 2015! Voter registration is back in the news because the Tories narrowly won a vote in the Lords to bring forward the implementation of individual voter registration to December 2015 from December 2016. This move is against the wishes of the independent Electoral Commission, as they describe in their statement here. You can read The Independent’s report on the vote here. Individual voter registration replaces the previous scheme whereby one member of a household was able to register all the voters in that household. This earlier scheme has been blamed for a degree of electoral fraud in which multiple non-existent people were registered to vote at a property. It seems likely that the Tories are bringing forward the transition to the new scheme because they believe it will benefit them in the review of electoral boundaries. This review is intended to reduce the number of parliamentary constituencies and equalise the number of electors in each constituency, something the Liberal Democrats blocked in government when the Tories reneged on their promise to remove the House of Lords. The Electoral Commission believe that as many as 1.9 million people will be dropped from the electoral register if they do not act now. Those missing from the electoral register will be disproportionately young, and from inner city constituencies – just the sort of people who don’t vote Tory in large numbers because of the recent vote these people will not be included in the boundary review. If the vote had been lost, or not taken place, they would have been included included in this important review. You can register to vote here: You need to provide a name, address, date of birth and your national insurance number. It’s a straightforward process and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. If you do not act then you will lose your right to vote. The deadline to make sure your vote is included in the Boundary Commissions’ review is 16th November 2015. Update: The deadline for online voter registration is 16th November, not 1st December as originally stated. Source:

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