Voters like Liberal Democrat MPs

LibDemMPSLiberal Democrat MPs are the only ones to get a thumbs up from their constituents in new research by Phil Cowley and Rosie Campbell.
Lib Dem MPs scored a net +14 satisfaction rating, compared to -5 for Labour MPs and -13 for Conservative MPs. Crucially for their re-election prospects, Liberal Democrat MPs are also the only ones to come out with a positive rating amongst people who say they are not currently intending to vote for their party: +7.
Labour MPs get a -16 rating from non-Labour supporters in their seats, whilst the huge difficulties the Conservatives face in appealing outside their existing vote is shown by the massive -31 rating their MPs get from non-Conservative supporters. That may not matter too much for existing Conservative MPs, but it is indicative of the big struggles the party faces in seats where they need to win over new support to win.

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