Why Chester Deserves a Lib Dem Candidate
The Conservatives under Theresa May are insistent on pursuing a hard Brexit which will be devastating to our country for years to come. We cannot afford to be complacent, if Chester again elects a Conservative MP, it will be seen as support for her hard Brexit stance and will strengthen her position.  It will cause untold damage to the economy and the social structure of our country. However, Labour as embodied by Chris Matheson are part of the problem.  Jeremy Corbyn failed to campaign convincingly on behalf of Remain during the referendum and since then, has rolled over and accepted May's hard Brexit. As has Chris Matheson, who talks about his opposition to Britain leaving the EU but in my opinion, has failed to stand up for the majority of voters in Chester who voted Remain. Indeed, along with the Tories, he voted for the triggering of Article 50. If people want an MP who is committed to ensuring that Britain gets the best deal in this awful situation there is only one choice - to vote for me as the Liberal Democrat candidate.  My view has the support of Dr Wilks-Heeg, head of politics at Liverpool University who is quoted in the Standard this week as saying: "In the EU referendum Cheshire West and Chester voted narrowly to Leave but it is calculated that voters living in the city of Chester opted equally narrowly to Remain. Dr Wilks-Heeg said it was for this reason that a surprise victor in the seat could be Tim Farron’s Lib Dems". (i-tory vote.). I welcome the support of anyone who cares about Britain to help me be elected on June 8th.  I stood for Chester in 2010, where I came a close 3rd in an election that saw the seat change hands. There is already substantial support for the Liberal Democrats in Chester and this is increasing as evidenced by the continual growth in our membership locally since the Referendum last year.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, since the General Election was announced, our membership here in Chester is not only growing, but growing daily.

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